Why Home buyers are unsecured creditors under IBC -EasyLegalTax
Indian real estate buyers are witnessing lots of confusion regarding the recovery of their money lying with builders, adding more atrocity to situation now the builders don't have money to pay back, the projects are stucked in middle or with no development. Result fully courts are full with complaints against builders Arrival of new RERA law, adding hopes in the life of home buyers for recovering their hard earn money from builders, but the things hasn't really worked out in its full since the RERA orders moreover remain on papers at this nascent stage of RERA Law.
RERA complaint against builder -EasyLegalTax
As the fastest growing economy of the world, India is witnessing heavy development in the form of setting up of new industries, new residential development. Rural population is heavily migrating around the metropolitan cities because of which heavy construction is going around the main cities of India like Mumbai, Kolkatta, Banglore, Delhi even many others. Mushrooming of builders with residential projects has been registered with heavy numbers but sadfully, the volume with which projects have been setup, out of which lots of builders had defaulted the money of innocent home buyers.